The New Science of Axiological Psychology

By Leon Pomeroy

“This book uses scientific validity measures to create empirical value science and a normative new science of axiological psychology by integrating cognitive psychology with Robert S. Hartman’s formal theory of axiological science. It reveals a scientific way to identify and rank human values, achieving values appreciation, values clarification, and values measurement for the twenty first century.”

That being said.. this is simply one of my favourite books ever. It’s a subject I am fascinated by, and have been for many years. It started when I was an Innermetrix Consultant, and came across the work of Hartman, and his Hartman Value Profile. I use that in coaching, and it is literlaly profound in its capabilities for showing a person’s value hierarchy.

What I am ost excited about at the moment, is Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration Through Personality Shaping – and in his books, Dabrowski states that this is done through the process of reorganising one’s personal hierarchy of values. And Hartman’s tool – is quite simply the only tool that allows the personal hierarchy of value to be accurately measured and managed.

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