Network Marketing

I was asked about success in network marketing recently..

As always, it’s important to make distinctions. Let’s look at the separate aspects of this:

  1. Network marketing itself
  2. Personal development/self-growth
  3. Self-image/self-awareness
  4. A mentor/coach

Network Marketing

To succeed in network marketing – you need to build a large network of people, which product flows through.

The larger your network – the more product flows through, and the larger your earnings.

So success in network marketing is directly related to how many people join your network – either through you personally, or through your downline.

So the metric for success – is “how many people did you ask to look at the business?” – and track that number every single day.

That number is your success metric. We have no control of other people – so we’re not really too concerned with how many people say yes – we do have control over ourselves, our behaviours – what we’re really tracking is our ability to drive our own behaviours – especially new behaviours that feel uncomfortable – i.e. asking people to look at the business.

Again – importantly – it’s doesn’t really matter what people say.. what matters, is how many people you are asking every day – to simply take a look at network marketing.

Of course – there are many different ways – better ways and not so good ways to “ask” – but the bottom line – is how many people do you ask that question of. Bottom line. A number – every day – how many people did you ask to look at network marketing.

I’ve clarified the ways to ask at the bottom..

Personal Development

If you are one of the lucky ones – if you have already achieved financial success in your previous endeavours – then network marketing will be no different – you will already have the skills and experience and confidence to approach and “sign-up” people relatively easily. You will succeed without much real need for growth or change.

However – if your previous success is not at the level you need to earn you the money you want – then there is some personal growth required, some self-development. And the more you “grow” and build skills and confidence, the more you easily will earn and the more easily you will succeed.

A good measure of where you are on your development journey – is either:

  1. What is the most money you have earned previously – as an annual income? This is a good measure of your level of awareness.
  2. Complete a very unique and unusual profile instrument, that directly measures your self-confidence, your self-belief (and your natural talents).

Bottom line – if you are not already comfortable operating at a high level of success, there is self-development work to do.

But super importantly – this is not learning new skills, nor is it learning about network marketing.

It’s about upgrading your hidden self-image. (Which the unique profile measures too incidentally).

How do we track our true level of awareness? – Look at our bank balance. 🙂


This is really where the work needs to be done.

Mostly unconsciously – you will always create/manifest/justify/find yourself in – a world that is in complete alignment with your hidden self-image. Your results will always be congurent with your hidden self-image. In fact, it is such a powerful relationship – that if you change your hidden self-image – your external results simply have to change to align. Your results cannot be out of alignment with your hidden self-image.

Your self-image is built out of beliefs, and values – meanings – that were formed in early life usually – what we call conditioning. And all of these beliefs, values, meaning, “realities” – form both your “working model” of who you believe you truly are – and also – importantly – a working model of the world in which you live. Your reality.

When you change these working models – you change both who you are, and the world you live in.

In order to understand how to change them, you need to know how they were formed. And it’s a simple cause and effect relationship at it’s most basic level.

When you can identify a belief that is limiting your level of success – you simply need to “prove” to your subconscious mind – that it is not true – and you do this by proving it experientially. You need to physically experience a new reality – that directly disproves your existing/previous reality. Which, usually requires that you do the thing which scares you – to prove that it is not scary/dangerous/true.

For most people – the fear that stops them asking 5 people a day to look at network marketing – is simply the fear of rejection, the fear of shame, humiliation, the fear of feeling “not good enough” or not “loved”. With millions of years of evolution as a mammalian species, we are hard wired to “belong”. Rejection, abadonment, failure, shame – all trigger that primal fear of separation and exclusion from the group – which would typically lead to death (as a small powerless mammalian creature that requires parental feeding, care and protection).

So in simple terms – we have to find a way – the courage – to ask 5 people a day to look at the business. But in a way that is in harmony with who we believe we are – that feels right. We cannot.. and will not – ask people to look at the business, of we don’t believe deep down it is a good thing. So it’s important to also understand what network marketing really is.

Linda Proctor’s life (income) was transformed radically when she met Bob – by Linda doing just one thing that Bob asked. He asked her to make sure she was stood in front of a prospect at 9am every morning – and that she asked that prospect to buy $100k of life insurance. When Bob asked her to do that, she thought it would be easy. It sounds easy. But it wasn’t. But she did it anyway. And that change in her behaviour, changed her beliefs about herself, changed her self image, and ultimately her level of self-awareness – all leading to her life reflecting the new self-image – which was transformed into the self-image of a millionaire.

If you want to succeed in network marketing – ask 5 people a day – every day – to look at the business. Understand that this is what will drive your personal growth, this is what will prove to you that you can do this, and this is what will change your self-image. This is what will ensure you succeed.

And understand that it will almost certainly feel ‘wrong’ or uncomfortable. Until it doesn’t anymore 🙂

(How do we accurately track our level of self-awareness? Measure it using the only instrument that accurately measures it. The Coaching Profile)

The Mentor/Coach

Of course – implicit in this story of Linda and Bob Proctor – was the fact that Linda found someone who both understood the process of creating successful change – and believed in Linda – and was there to support her as she came up against conditioned fears, old self-limiting beliefs, and plain old fear. What Bob calls the terro barrier. Notice it’s not called the “fear” barrier, or the “I don’t fancy doing that” barrier.. it’s called the “terror” barrier for a reason.

Finding a mentor is really about finding someone who can see in you and believe in – the person you have the potential to become – before you can see and believe in that version of you yourself. You have to find someone you can trust – to tell you what you need to do – because it won’t make sense to you at your current level of awareness – or – more problematically – it will make sense but in a wrong and incorrect way. You need to trust that person – trust they know what they are doing, and that they can see your “successful” self before you can. And just do that simple thing:

Talk to 5 people every day – and find a way that works for you – to simply ask them to look at the business.

It doesn’t matter whether they say yes or nor, whether they are open or not, whether they get offended or not. What matters – is only that you ask them to look at the business.

And – for the new starter – it is easier than ever – because you don’t need to know anything. In fact, it’s better to not know – because then you naturally rely on your upline to do the presenting, instead of thinking you need to do it yourself.

It’s literally as easy as asking someone if they are happy with their life/work etc. What would they change if they could? Would they like more time with their kids, more money, a new car, a bigger house, a better lifestyle. Most people will be curious at least. And then – you simply ask them to jump on a call with someone who has done it already – and can show them how to do it if they’re interested. That person you asked will then either be interested or not.

That’s it. Your upline does the work. All you do is find out what people want – and then ask them to jump on a call with someone who knows how to do it, how to get it. They’ll make their own mind up – and it doesn’t matter what they decide. You asking 5 people a day, is all you need to change your own life.

Ways to Ask

What I’ve learned personally over the years, is that people on some levels are the same – and on some levels we’re very different. Yes, we’re all people with the same basic needs – but we’re also all unique with different beliefs, talents, interests, styles of working and motivations.

It helps to have an idea of the kind of person you’re talking to – so that you ask in the right way for them.

The easiest way to ‘connect’ with another person, is to first get to know them, and what they really want, or don’t want. When you dig down deep enough, people don’t actually want money itself – they want what they think money will give them – such as freedom to travel, time with family, the thrill of driving an expensive new car.

Once you know what a person really wants – you can then offer them the opportunity to jump on a call with a person who has already done it – to hear how they did it. You don’t even have to mention network marketing. Your upline can do all that work – because they’re speaking from a place of truth – about how network marketing changed their lives. You can’t do that yourself – not yet..

Network marketing provides the three things that cover all ‘wants’ – health, time freedom and money freedom. With those – a person can have whatever they want! But let your upline do the work – you just find people who are curious enough to jump on a call with someone who has done it, and will share how they did it, and answer questions from your prospect.


p.s. Even if you asked just one person a day – you would still be wildly successful and outperform 99% of people in network marketing. It would just take longer.